Nov 13 2010

Top 8 Free Shopping Apps for Android and iPhone

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Are you always on the go and trying to make sure that you get the best deal for your Christmas shopping?  Black Friday has turned into a full month if you have recently been into any store.  So as you are looking for that awesome gift for a little boy or maybe you want to buy a top ranked LCD TV for yourself, here are the Top Free Shopping Apps for iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones:

·        Amazon Mobile (iPhone, Blackberry, Android)

·        Card Star (iPhone, Blackberry, Android)

·        Grocery IQ (Android, iPhone)

·        Groupon (Android, iPhone)

·        MobiQpons (iPhone, Blackberry, Android)

·        Shooger (iPhone, Blackberry, Android)

·        ShopSaavy (iPhone, Blackberry, Android)

·        SnapTell (Android, iPhone)

Which do you use daily? Suggest one that we are missing.

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