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Nov 29 2010

Top 10 Old School Christmas Gifts for Kids

Category: Best List | Best of | new list | top 10 listsThe List Ninja @ 20:03

Do you want to give a few toy gifts that bring back memories?  Long before the days of 100’s of TV channels and an iPod in every pocket, you had to use a little imagination to go with limited technology.  As you look for the top gifts for Christmas, keep this Top 10 list of old school toys in consideration:

·        Rock 'Em Sock 'Em ROBOTS Game

·        Hungry Hungry Hippos

·        Toss Across

·        Twister

·        Cabbage Patch Kids

·        GI Joe Action Figures

·        Teddy Ruxpin

·        Battleship Board Game

·        Connect Four

·        TinkerToy

Which old school toy brings back the best memories for you?  Share it below…

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