Jan 3 2012

Top 10 Drunkest Cities in USA

 Happy New Year! Did you drink a little too much to bring in the new year?

If you live in one of these Top 10 Drinking Cities then you probably were moving a little slow on New Year’s Day.  The team at The Daily Beast put together the most drunken cities list by taking into account statistics like average number of drinks per month, population over 21 years old, binge drinking and heavy drinking.  So grab a cold one and see if your city made this Top 10 List.

1.     Boston, MA – (Avg. Monthly Drinks per Person: 15.5)

2.     Springfield, MA

3.     Milwaukee, WI

4.     Reno, NV

5.     San Antonio, TX

6.     Chicago, IL

7.     Austin, TX

8.     St. Louis, MO

9.     San Diego, CA

10.       Tuscon, AZ



Check out the Top 25 list at Daily Beast to see more.  

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