Feb 15 2010

Who were the Best and Top Ranked Presidents of the United States of America

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The President of the United States of America – the most powerful position in the world for the past 100 years.  Who was the best ever?  Brush up on your Presidential history.  Here is our list of the Best & Top Ranked Presidents of the United States .

1.       George Washington

2.       Abraham Lincoln

3.       Franklin D. Roosevelt

4.       James Madison

5.       Click here for the rest of the list

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Feb 12 2010

Dude – Where’s my Job? Best Places to Work 2010

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The folks at Fortune have put together their list of the Best Places to Work in 2010 for you to target when you are looking for that new job.  The list varies from Tech companies to Grocery store chains.   So grab your resume and a shiny red stapler and apply at one of these great companies:

1.       SAS

2.       Edward Jones

3.       Wegmans Food Markets

4.       Google

5.       Nugget Market

6.       DreamWorks Animation SKG

7.       NetApp

8.       Boston Consulting Group

9.       Qualcomm

10.   Camden Property Trust

Need a few more?  Check out a more extensive list of Best Places to Work in 2010.  Best of Luck!

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Jan 17 2010

Top NFL Busts – The Best Worst Draft Picks

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From the “Boz” Brian Bosworth to the continually arrested Ryan Leaf, here a list of the NFL's Worst Draft Picks – Were you a believer?  As we get ready for the Super Bowl on Feb. 10, 2010 – memories of the draft picks that could have helped our team get to the top stay with us.  Stop by FasList and vote for your NFL football team on the list of the Best NFL Football Teams – Are you ready for the some football?

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Jan 6 2010

Want to live forever? Here are a few tips.

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From the obvious – Working out to sniffing lavender to reduce stress.  So eat your Omega3’s and munch on vegetables and read this article on 10 Ways to Live Longer.  But what is the use in getting older if you do not look your best so FasList has put together a list of the Best & Top Ranked Skin Moisturizers. No wonder the 2000’s had so much focus on Cougars.

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Jan 5 2010

Slacker? Check out the Top iPhone Apps

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Are you an iPhone addict? Did you get an iPod Touch for Christmas?  Here are the Top  10 iPhone Apps

(Most work on an iPod Touch also) according to Time. 

Top 10 iPhone Apps (Click on #1 to see the rest)

1.     Tweetie 2

2.     Yelp

3.     Slacker

4.     FlightTrack Pro

5.     Mint

At FasList.com we have some of the above but many more in our list of 20 Top iPhone Apps. The Facebook app is great because you can take a picture and upload it in less than a minute. 


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Jan 1 2010

Checklist for Relationship Happiness – Happy New Year!

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Looking for love in 2010? Here are a few things to consider as you meet new people. 

1.       Background – Economic / Family / Education – Partners need to understand and appreciate each other’s life experiences in order to achieve happiness in the relationship.

2.       Future – Have you had this discussion?  Discussing the future is great conversation. More couples should align their goals in order to travel a fulfilled path.

3.       Shared Interest – Having a few hobbies or activities like travel or culinary appreciation is great for enjoying your time together.

Need a little help finding a date? Here the Top Dating Websites so that you connect with your perfect match.  Best of Luck in 2010.

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Dec 31 2009

What happened last night? - Top Movies of 2009

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From “The Hangover” to “Up” – 2009 was a fairly good year for movies.  USA Today has just posted their list of Top 10 Films of 2009 and they have a pretty good list – some are a little artsy but are still good.  The team over at FasList is a little more “low brow”.  We like artsy along with just a touch of raunchy.  So take a look at our list of The Best & Top Ranked Movies of 2009 and see what you think.  Did you see a movie that needs to be on the list?  Let the ListNinja know what is missing.

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Dec 23 2009

Top 100 Books of 2009

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Time to catch up on a little reading this holiday? Here is Amazon’s List of Top 100 Books for 2009.  The Editor’s picked "Let the Great World Spin" by Colum McCann.  The reader’s picked "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown.  There are many great books to choose from.  We know that a several of the FasList followers are members of  community book clubs so we have posted a list of the most recent Top Selections for Book Clubs.  Grab a book and escape from the holiday madness. 

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Dec 16 2009

Free Android (Droid)....Apps

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Want to pump up your new Google Android phone? Here is a list of the Top Free Android Apps.  Who says you have iPhone envy?  Load these Droid apps and life is good.  And if you are still looking for that gift for the Tech Guru in your life, here is a list of Top Ranked Tech Gifts for you review before closing out your Christmas shopping for 2009.

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Dec 13 2009

Top Video Games on Wii, PS3, Xbox & Nintendo DS

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Time is running out to buy the gifts that last at least a few hours - Video Games on the Wii, PlayStation3Xbox and Nintendo DS.  Here are links to the best reviewed games available: Top PS3 Games of 2009   Top Wii Games 2009, Top Nintendo DS Games Top XBox Games 2009.  From Halo 3 and The Beatles Rock Band for the older "kids" to the New Super Mario Brothers with 4 player action there are many new games this year that will be the most popular Christmas gifts of 2009.  The lists are posted and being updated. Game On.

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