Apr 10 2010

5 Things to know about Women that Workout

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Strong is the new Beautiful – as the shirt says.  More and more women are working out and getting into shape.  Classes at your local fitness center range from Spinning (going really fast on a stationary bike) to Pilates (Athletic Yoga) to Sculpting (weights with cardio).  There is something for everyone.  So before you go out and buy a Top Ranked Treadmill so you can look like a Top Female Tennis Player, check out this list of stats about the average woman that works out:

·         Most  athletic women work out 4 days a week

·         Her abs are her most important feature she is working to improve

·         Main reason for skipping a workout: Tired

·         Over 15% have found a date at the gym – 63% have been approached

·         Only 1% walk around naked in the locker room

So get out, hit the gym.  Summer is on the way. 

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Apr 8 2010

Top Free iPhone apps for Kids

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Do you ever need a distraction for the young ones for a few minutes and all you have is your iPhone or iTouch? Here are a few of the best iPhone apps for kids to keep them engaged, entertained and maybe even educated. Some of these will make it on the FasList best and   Top Ranked iPhone Apps.  So take a second and download a few of these so that you have them in a pinch.

·         Scribble -  Draw, color, sketch, doodle and shake to erase. Fun

·         Airport Mania: First Flight – Kids control the airport, planes and even pick the movies.

·         The Pool – Touch the screen and make waves in the pool.  Cool Stuff.

·         Checkers – The classic game is available for 1 or 2 players.

·         Push the Button – Every child wants to push the shiny red button, now they get points for being the fastest to push lots of buttons.

·         Pegs – The electronic version of the golf tee game found at Cracker Barrel.

So download these top free kids games and add them to your list of the Best iPhone Apps.

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Apr 2 2010

5 Features you should use on Facebook

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Are you and your Mom commenting on each other’s Facebook updates? Facebook has quickly jumped to the top of the list of the Top Social Networking Sites.  With over 83 Million people using or playing Farmville and 47 Million sending Birthday cards, we will probably leave them off the list.  Let’s take a look at some of the best features on Facebook to explore your choices:

·         Restaurant City – One of the fastest growing apps that let you find out what it is like to start your own restaurant

·         Fan Page – Have a cause or just something that you like a lot – start a Fan Page  and invite your friends

·         Apps on Blackberry, iPhone and Android Phones – Stuck in line or waiting at an airport? Check in with your Facebook family.  Easy to add and simple to use.

·         Community Page – For those random topics like “Tattoo’s” that does not have an actual owner.

·         Facebook Events - organize gatherings and parties with your friends, as well as let people in your community know about upcoming events.

The next feature that is currently under discussion is location, location, location.  Do you really want everyone of your friends to know where you are?   Be careful what you say – your mom is watching.

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Apr 1 2010

Easter – 5 Trivia Facts about the holiday

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Do you celebrate Easter? If so, how?  Originally started as a religious holiday as several holidays were started, there are several aspects of the Easter holiday that have very little to do with the original intent of the celebration.  Let’s take a minute to review a few facts found on some the Best Reference Websites about the Easter holiday.

·         Easter is a Christian holiday and back in 325 AD, the “church council of Nicaea” decided that Easter should be made a true holiday and held on the first Sunday after the full moon landing after the 21st of March, which is the Equinox.

·         Decorating and giving away eggs for Easter has been done for centuries by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans as a symbol of life. Many of the early Christians used to exchange red eggs in particular to symbolize the ending and resurrection of Jesus’s life.

·         The myth of the Easter Bunny, as he is currently portrayed today, actually dates back to an old German tale about a woman who used to decorate eggs and leave them for her children to find.

·         The first Easter baskets given were meant to imitate a bird’s nest when eggs were placed inside.

·         The name Easter owes its origin from Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess who symbolizes hare and egg.

So dazzle your friends and relatives with your knowledge of Easter courtesy of FasList

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Mar 31 2010

Apple iPad : 5 or more reasons you will want to get one

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Have you already ordered one? The iPad buzz is continuing to grow the way the iPod and iPhone did in the beginning.  Apple has the magic elixir and puts it in every product release.  Here is a quick overview of a few of the top features that make the iPad worth of the buzz.  We will also cover a few concerns that you want to know about before you purchase one.  Will the apps be similar to the Best iPhone Apps?  That will make the experience much more enjoyable if it works out very similar.  Let’s get started:

·         iBooks -  This appears to be one of the hottest new categories for portable devices.  The Kindle started the fever and the iPad intends to keep the trend going.  The ability to read your favorite book or magazine on a high resolution screen is very appealing.

·         Photo Albums – The downside is that the iPad will have no camera.  Many will still enjoy the larger screen to show off their pictures of the family, pets and vacations. 

·         Battery Life – The larger device claims to have up to 10 hours of battery life.  This is great for entertainment on long trips.  Play games, read books and much more with your 10 hours of up time.

·         Wireless Connectivity - Options for Wi-Fi and/or 3G from AT&T will allow you to select a method that keeps you connected and downloading new content.

·         Digital Editions of your favorite newspaper – Contribute to the green movement by canceling your paper subscription and signing up for the digital version.  Flip pages and connect with links for more information.

·         Very Portable – About a half an inch thick and smaller than normal notebook paper, the iPad is easy to carry with you almost everywhere.  The bigger concern is remembering that you have it with you and not to drop or break it.

·         Apps, Apps, Apps – Over 100,000 iPhone Apps  will work on the iPad.  This will keep the tech fans busy for a while. 

·         Movies, TV Shows and YouTube – What more do you need?  Many will buy it just to watch movies and TV shows.

The Apple iPad is a cool new device that will be the topic of conversation when your friend shows up with one at lunch to show it off.  Remind your friend that no one likes a show off as long as that person is not you.

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Mar 27 2010

Top US Senators spending your tax dollars

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Which Senators are securing money for pet projects in their states? The non-partisan group Taxpayers for Common Sense  tracks spending activities of the elected officials in government.  This list provides the top Senators and the millions of dollars in earmarks (An earmark is an allocation of funds for projects in an elected officials home state and is typically buried in legislation) for their state over the past year. So help fund all the pet projects by filing early with this list of the Best Free Online Tax Services.

   How do West Virginia & Hawaii top the list with so little population? 

·         Robert Byrd (D – WV) - $251.2M

·         Daniel Inouye (D-HI) - $205M

·         Thad Cochran (R – MI)- $102.4M

·         Richard Shelby  (R – AL) - $100.6M

·         Kit Bond (R – MO) - $95.3M

·         Harry Reid (D – NV) - $91.3M

·         Tom Harkin (D – IA) - $66.6M

·         Bob Bennet (R-UT) - $58.9M

·         Patrick Leahy (D – VT) - $57.3M

So whatever your political preference, realize that there are many on both sides that have no issue finding ways to spend your tax dollars without any scrutiny by any governing body. 

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Mar 25 2010

Things to Know about Hot Tub Time Machine

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It may be a shallow plot but it does appear to be funny.  So before we place this movie on our list of the Best Worst Movies, let’s learn a little about the somewhat magical Hot Tub Time Machine.  Please do not try this at home. 

·         When the characters go back to 1986, they look like they did in 1986 

·         Chevy Chase is a Hot Tub Maintenance man in the film

·         4 Guys realize that 1986 was not that cool

·         Red Bull & Vodka contribute to 4 men in the same hot tub (Not recommended)

·         Red Band Trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine

So take a trip back to 1986, when hair bands were in full swing and Top Gun was the hottest movie.

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Mar 24 2010

Outlet Malls – A list of things to consider before you shop

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Everybody loves the outlet mall.  Deals on name brand clothes are too good to pass up …. Or are they?  Retailers are savvy and know how to get you to spend your hard earned money.  Before you go outlet shopping, check out these tips and also do a little comparison shopping at the Best Websites for Bargain Shopping. Things to consider:

·         Some of the products are constructed with lower quality materials – Confirmed by a leading consumer magazine

·         Select lines are made for Outlet mall stores – May or may not be the A list offering

·         Know the real price outside of the Outlet Mall – Make sure the deal is a good deal.

Bonus Tip:  The clearance section typically does have the best deals (but still apply the previously mentioned tips before buying)

So shop smart, buy only what you need ,and if in doubt, walk away.

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Mar 22 2010

Justin Beiber: 5 reasons why he is so popular

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Not sure who he is? Through the power of YouTube, Justin Beiber has made a name for himself with a few extremely popular video’s.   Mr. Beiber is always one of the hottest topics or trends on the Top Ranked Social Networking Websites. So here are a few things to know about Justin Bieber and his rise to fame:

·         Claims to be self taught to play drums, piano and guitar

·         Mother started posting his video’s on YouTube so that family can view school performances

·         He covered songs by Usher, Chris Brown and Stevie Wonder

·         Justin Beiber and his mom moved to Atlanta, from Canada, to record his album My World

·         He performed at the Christmas in Washington performance at the White House for President Barack Obama

So now you know why this young man is latest craze and considered one of the Hottest YouTube stars of all time. 

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Mar 21 2010

Debit Cards: 5 Places not to use them and why

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The invention of the debit card has changed the way we use cash.  It is so easy to pull out your debit card and punch in your PIN and be on your way (Just make sure you keep up with your bank account balance!).  Before we get to the Top 5 places not to use your debit card, take a moment and check out the Best Financial Websites for additional tips.  Keep in mind that every time you use your debit card it pulls directly from your bank account.  So put away your debit card in these 5 situations:

·         Online Purchases – Always use a credit card for additional protection

·         Deposits – Do not use your bank account for a deposit you may never use

·         Restaurants – The transaction is done out of site (we learned this first hand)

·         Non-Bank ATM’s -  Unless you are desperate for cash, do not use a 3rd party ATM

·         Expensive Purchased – Get points and protection with a credit card.

It may seem that we endorse credit cards, but we do recognize that they also come with their own set of issues. We do recommend paying off your balance on your credit cards so you do not pay additional interest.  Be Smart. Be Safe.

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