Sep 16 2010

Top 10 Best Dressed Women of 2010?

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How can we be enamored with the daily activities of a small group of TV, Movie and Sports stars?  Celebrities are on the cover of virtually every magazine from Fitness to Fashion to News.  If you can’t beat them then join them.  Even Jimmy Johnson, former Dallas Cowboys coach, is on Survivor.  Which of these Top 10 Best Dressed Female Celebrities according to People magazine is on your most annoying list of 2010?

  • Zoe Saldana - The Red Carpet Queen
  • Gwen Stefani - The Hip Mom
  • Rihanna - The Daring Diva
  • Diane Kruger - The Runway Renegade
  • Lea Michele - The Newbie
  • Olivia Palermo - The Uptown Girl
  • Jessica Alba - The Mix Master
  • Jennifer Aniston - The American Classic
  • Rachel Bilson - The Denim Darling
  • Kate Middleton - The Princess in Waiting

Where’s Angelina Jolie?

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Aug 3 2010

Top 10 Things that makes a Woman happy (Pt. 1)

Do you really know what makes you or the woman in your life happy?  Either way, take a look at this list provided by a top women’s poll on health. We have put together a quick list to take away some of the guessing. So whether you are planning a romantic trip to Las Vegas or New York City and need to ensure that a good time is had, here are a few key items to remember:

·         Taking a trip or vacation ranks at the top of activities that bring happiness

·         Make sure you plan on working out or plan some active time on your trip

·         Make sure she has a night out with her good friends – Good for the soul.

·         Take a moment and enjoy a chocolate treat – Known to make mouths happy

·         Spend a little time with family and reconnect

So grab onto the first five of our Top 10 things that make a woman happy because the next 5 are not as fun or easy.  Coming soon.  What do you think makes a woman happy?

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May 22 2010

Top 10 Lies that Women Tell

Do Women have a problem with the truth?  A recent study in Britain tried to determine which of the sexes tells more lies.  The men won the battle but the women were not too far behind.  We like to put our celebrity liars on our list of Most Annoying People.  So let’s review the Top 10 Lies that Women Tell:  


1. Nothing's wrong, I'm fine
2. I don't know where it is
3. It wasn't that expensive
4. I didn't have much to drink
5. I've got a headache
6. It was in the sale
7. I'm on my way
8. Oh, I've had this ages
9. No, I didn't throw it away
10. It's just what I've always wanted


A few of these always raise eyebrows when you hear them in certain situations.  The truth is not the same without the lies we make up. (U2)

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May 21 2010

Top 10 Lies that Men Tell

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Do men have a problem with the truth?  A recent study in Britain tried to determine which of the sexes tells more lies.  Even the first President George Washington told a lie.  There have been many good and bad movies made about lies and deceit. The ability to tell a great lie is essential to the success of most politicians.  Here are the Top 10 lies that men tell according to the London Science Museum:


1. I didn't have much to drink
2. Nothing's wrong, I'm fine
3. I had no signal
4. It wasn't that expensive
5. I'm on my way
6. I'm stuck in traffic
7. Your bum doesn't look big in that
8. Sorry, I missed your call
9. You've lost weight
10. It's just what I've always wanted


Now all of us will wonder if someone is telling the truth the next time we hear one of these responses.  The next list is Women’s Top 10 lies.

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May 1 2010

Dieting Facts & Tips for the Average Woman

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Are you an average woman? We thought not but we have start somewhere when putting together lists based on feedback from surveys.  Staying in shape can be a challenge with a hectic schedule and the fastest meals are sometimes the worst for your diet. So the next time you are out shopping for new clothes for your new figure, keep this statistics in mind:

ü  64% of Women are on a diet at any given time

ü  “Seeing an Ex” is the top reason for going on a diet

ü  56% are motivated when getting in shape with a partner

ü  9% of women never diet

ü  Alcoholic beverages are the toughest item to cut from the diet

So load up your iPod with your favorite music and get active.

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Apr 16 2010

Girls Rock! 7 facts about Confident Women

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Ever wonder why some women just have that little extra that makes them stand out in a crowd?  Ever person travels a different path to becoming the person they are meant to be.  Some are fortunate enough to gain the perspective that allows them to navigate the world a little differently (not just on their Blackberry).  Guys need to pay attention to these snippets of data in order to interact better with the fairer sex.  So let’s take a look at what makes the fairer sex tick:

·         36% of Women feel confident most of the time

·         1 in 2 have asked a guy out on a date

·         22% have no doubt about their bedroom skills

·         6% had plastic surgery to adjust their looks

·         Top Characteristics of Confident Women:

-          Take charge personality

-          Looks you in the eye

-          Great posture

From working out to receiving a complement, there are many ways to stay confident and focused. So now when we watch some of the greatest female tennis players we will understand what makes them tick. 

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Apr 10 2010

5 Things to know about Women that Workout

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Strong is the new Beautiful – as the shirt says.  More and more women are working out and getting into shape.  Classes at your local fitness center range from Spinning (going really fast on a stationary bike) to Pilates (Athletic Yoga) to Sculpting (weights with cardio).  There is something for everyone.  So before you go out and buy a Top Ranked Treadmill so you can look like a Top Female Tennis Player, check out this list of stats about the average woman that works out:

·         Most  athletic women work out 4 days a week

·         Her abs are her most important feature she is working to improve

·         Main reason for skipping a workout: Tired

·         Over 15% have found a date at the gym – 63% have been approached

·         Only 1% walk around naked in the locker room

So get out, hit the gym.  Summer is on the way. 

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