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Sep 26 2011

Top 10 Richest Americans in 2011

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Which citizen of the United States has the highest estimated net worth on the recent list provided by Forbes?  The combination of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet is impressive especially since they have started many foundations in order to support the greater good. You have to wonder if any of the people on this list would ever make our list of worst bosses of all time.  So calculate your net worth and see how you compare to the Top 10 list of the richest Americans in 2011:
1.     Bill Gates - $59 Billion                   (Microsoft)
2.     Warren Buffet - $39B                   (Berkshire Hathaway)
3.     Larry Ellison - $33B                        (Oracle)
4.     Charles Koch - $25B                      (Koch Industries)
5.     David Koch - $25B                         (Koch Industries)
6.     Christy Walton - $24.5 B              (Wal-Mart)
7.     George Soros - $22B                     (Hedge Funds)
8.     Sheldon Adelson - $21.5B           (Casino’s)
9.     Jim Walton - $21.1B                      (Wal-Mart)
10.                        Alice Walton - $20.9B                   (Wal-Mart)
Which of the newest billionaires will be next on this list?

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Mar 10 2011

Top 10 Wealthiest People in the World 2011

What does it take to become a Billionaire? The annual Forbes list of the Top 10 richest people in the world has been released and the list varies from tech moguls to resources.  Charlie Sheen may not have made the list, but this is a list of the most winning people on the planet.  

Here are the Top 10 wealthiest people of 2011:

Top 10


Net worth



Carlos Slim Helú

$74 billion



Bill Gates

$56 billion



Warren Buffett

$50 billion

 Berkshire Hathaway 


Bernard Arnault

$41 billion



Larry Ellison

$39.5 billion



Lakshmi Mittal 

$31.1 billion



Amancio Ortega

$31 billion



Eike Batista

$30 billion

Mining, oil


Mukesh Ambani

$27 billion

          Petrochemicals, oil & gas


Christy Walton

$26.5 billion



Who will be the next mogul to make the list in 2012?

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