Oct 25 2010

Top 5 Brett Favre Scandal Videos

Are you looking for the best Brett Favre scandal video’s? Here are the Top 5 available that will bring you up to date and even make you laugh:

Saturday Night Live SNL Brett Favre No Fly Jeans Video

TYT Discussion:  Bret Favre Guilty?

TYT Verdict: Sexual Harassment?

YouTube Wrangla:  Wrangla Jeans

Nice video Review: Nice Song with Vid

What are your thoughts about the Brett Favre scandal?

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May 14 2010

5 Things to Know about Chatroulette

Category: Best List | Best of | facts | Tips | Top 5The List Ninja @ 06:23

Have you heard of the Chatroulette?  It is a combined name of Chat Roulette.  Visitors sign in, turn on the webcam and start the Video Chat Roulette.  Yes – Video Chat Roulette.  The social media service rotates you through random people via video chat.  So if you are daring, log in and see what you get.  Here are a few things to know before you get started:

ü  Chatroulette pairs up two random strangers using their webcam

ü  The concept originated and was developed by a 17 year old Russian teen in a few days

ü  The name comes from Ternovskiy watching “Russian Roulette” in The Deer Hunter

ü  If you get tired of the person you are connected with you can switch

ü  Be careful – One in Ten connections can be offensive

So spin the wheel of Chatroulette and see what you get in the hottest new social networking website. 

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Jan 19 2010

Funniest Billboards

Category: new list | top 10 listsThe List Ninja @ 04:43

Signs, signs everywhere there are signs, blocking the scenery but making me laugh.  Here is a funny list from the team at Holy Taco of 25 Funny Billboards.  I wouldn't mind having a few of these on the commute.  The world needs to laugh a little more, so here is a link to the Best Video Websites so you can upload your own bloopers.  Everyone knows YouTube but there are many more that have a variety of video's for your review. Does Sam's Club have a roll of TP large enough to fit on that?

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Dec 13 2009

Top Video Games on Wii, PS3, Xbox & Nintendo DS

Category: Best of | new list | top 10 lists | Top 20 | Top 5The List Ninja @ 00:20

Time is running out to buy the gifts that last at least a few hours - Video Games on the Wii, PlayStation3Xbox and Nintendo DS.  Here are links to the best reviewed games available: Top PS3 Games of 2009   Top Wii Games 2009, Top Nintendo DS Games Top XBox Games 2009.  From Halo 3 and The Beatles Rock Band for the older "kids" to the New Super Mario Brothers with 4 player action there are many new games this year that will be the most popular Christmas gifts of 2009.  The lists are posted and being updated. Game On.

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Dec 10 2009

I am not one to Gossip but....

Category: Best of | top 10 lists | Top 20 | Top 5The List Ninja @ 15:39

This list of the Top Gossip of the Decade gives a quick refresher of the last ten years and the big events that have were followed by the expanding Paparazzi, video camera’s and camera phones.  From wardrobe malfunctions to complete melt downs of your favorite stars, it is all here.  To keep up with your favorite female celebrity, click on over to FasList to review the Top Female Celebrity Websites and add your comments.  We do continue to wonder how some of these people are famous? 

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Dec 7 2009

Breaking News! Making Lists makes you healthier….

Category: Best of | new list | top 10 listsThe List Ninja @ 15:16

This list of reasons why making lists leads to an empowered life along with being efficient and effective is enlightening. The team over at Prevention has put together a list (they must be healthy too) of Why Making To Do lists are Healthy to share 7 reasons that making a list contributes to your health.  Achieving balance is on the list and is a constant goal for the team at FasList.  So check out our new list of Best & Top Ranked Video Websites  to see your favorite TV shows, home video’s and just about any other video you make be looking for on great sites like Hulu and more.  While you are at it, make a list of the video’s you want to see, it healthy. 

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Nov 21 2009

Shock and Awe - Top Tasteless Commercials

Category: Best of | top 10 lists | Top 5Ty West @ 14:25

Have you ever wondered how CEO’s at large companies select marketing campaigns? Googly eyes that save you money to the GoDaddy ads – A mixture of shock and repetition are common in the advertising world.  Here is a list of the Top 10 Tasteless Ads according to Time Magazine.  I am sure you will laugh a little while wondering how millions could be spent in production of such poorly conceived concepts.  Once you have watched the commercials – Check out FasList’s  Top Ranked Video Websites to see your favorite TV shows, commercials and amateur video.

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