Jan 15 2010

Top Cool Stuff from CES 2010

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Wave your hands and change the channel or have your own remote controlled drone – You could spy on the neighbors like the US does in the Middle East.  This list of Coolest Devices from CES 2010 is an interesting list of toys.  Now we will have to wait and see if someone invents a drone detection system.  Do you like to get your Geek on?  Here is a list of Best & Top Ranked Technology Websites so that you can get updates and reviews from the top nerds.  No shame in being a little nerdy – some of this stuff is groovy.

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Jan 5 2010

Slacker? Check out the Top iPhone Apps

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Are you an iPhone addict? Did you get an iPod Touch for Christmas?  Here are the Top  10 iPhone Apps

(Most work on an iPod Touch also) according to Time. 

Top 10 iPhone Apps (Click on #1 to see the rest)

1.     Tweetie 2

2.     Yelp

3.     Slacker

4.     FlightTrack Pro

5.     Mint

At FasList.com we have some of the above but many more in our list of 20 Top iPhone Apps. The Facebook app is great because you can take a picture and upload it in less than a minute. 


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Dec 16 2009

Free Android (Droid)....Apps

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Want to pump up your new Google Android phone? Here is a list of the Top Free Android Apps.  Who says you have iPhone envy?  Load these Droid apps and life is good.  And if you are still looking for that gift for the Tech Guru in your life, here is a list of Top Ranked Tech Gifts for you review before closing out your Christmas shopping for 2009.

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Dec 10 2009

10 iPhone Apps that Jingle Bells

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PC World has posted a list of the Top iPhone Apps that range from Live Football to apps for Recipe’s for the holiday season.  Urbanspoon is a FasList favorite.  Check out the list and add it your iPhone or iPod Touch today.  This is a great list to forward to your friends that may receive an iPhone or iPod Touch for a Christmas gift.  Tis the season for gift giving and FasList has posted a list of the Top Ranked Technology Gifts for the tech geek in your life.  Get your Geek on.

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Nov 24 2009

Dirty Little Secrets...about Black Friday (Tech Gifts too!)

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Most of us can remember the pictures on TV of people fighting over Cabbage Patch dolls at the Mall in the 80's.  The Zhu Zhu Hamsters are this year’s hottest gift and are already hard to find.  Review Money's article on Black Friday Secrets so that you can be prepared your adventures on Friday.  Save a little time and review our newest list of Top Ranked Tech Gifts for the tech oriented or dare we say “Geek” in your life on FasList.  Nanu Nanu

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Nov 12 2009

Top Blogs to Follow - Article from Inc Magazine

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According to the article in Inc magazine, there are more than 130 Million blogs and millions on the way.  I guess FasList is fortunate that you have picked this one to follow.  We have posted a list of top blogs, some are the same, with a few new ones that we plan on checking out also.  Here is the link to the Inc article: Inc - 19 Blogs to follow .  Some of the top blogs are known favorites like Craig Newmark (Craigslist), Mark Cubin (Owner of Dallas Mavericks) and Seth Godin (Writer of business books).  Take a minute and let us know which awesome blogs are missing from the following FasList: Top Technology Blogs . Cheers!  http://www.feedping.com

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