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Jan 10 2011

Top 10 Cars of the past Decade 2000 thru 2011

Category: Best List | Best of | top 10 listsThe List Ninja @ 23:59

Do you own one of the Top 10 cars of the past decade? At the recent North American International Auto Show in Detroit, a select group of journalists select the top car from the following finalists: Hyundai Sonata, Chevrolet Volt or Nissan Leaf.  The recent surge in hybrid and electric cars is starting to monopolize the headlines.

 Here are the Top 10 Cars of the Last Decade:

2011 – Chevrolet Volt

2010 – Ford Fusion Hybrid

2009 – Hyundai Genesis

2008 – Chevrolet Malibu

2007 – Saturn Aura

2006 – Honda Civic

2005 – Chrysler 300

2004 – Toyota Prius

2003 – Mini Cooper

2002 – Nissan Altima

2001 – Chrysler PT Cruiser

2000 – Ford Focus

Which of these will be the next long term dud like the Chrysler PT Cruiser?

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Dec 16 2010

Top 10 Vehicles that Maintain Value for Resale after 5 years

Category: Best List | Best of | top 10 listsThe List Ninja @ 16:14

Getting new car or SUV soon?  Here is a list of the Top 10 Car, Truck and SUV models that hold their value after 5 years. Why should you care? More value means a better trade-in or resale on your next new ride.  On average, your car will be worth 34% of its initial value after 5 years. Many of the major manufacturers are here like Toyota, BMW and Lexus on this Top 10 list by Kelly Blue Book.


Honda CR-V 46.8%

Jeep Wrangler 45.2%

Toyota Tacoma 44.5%

BMW X5 44.4% (includes gas and diesel models together)

Lexus RX 43.0%

Audi A5 42.7

Toyota FJ Cruiser 42.0%

BMW X6 42.3%

Lexus GX 41.5%

Subaru Outback 41.3%

Where is Mercedes? Do you own one these models?

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Feb 24 2010

Which Cars, SUV’s and Trucks made the list of the Best & Top Ranked for 2010?

Category: Best of | new list | top 10 listsThe List Ninja @ 15:51

We have seen Toyota’s woes play out on TV but they still top the list with one of their models from their luxury line Lexus. Compiled from several sources, this list contains the best from several different categories.  Nice to see a few from Detroit making the list of Best Cars of 2010. Take a look:

1.     LEXUS LS 460 – Complete package, expensive but comprehensive

2.     Ford Focus SES – Great Price, People Mover, Good Gas Mileage

3.     Chevrolet Silverado – Tops in picks of trucks

4.     Chevrolet Traverse – Tops in SUV’s after just being available for a few years

5.     See the rest of the list of Top Ranked Cars of 2010 at FasList


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Jan 14 2010

Google Maps is Watching

Category: The List Ninja @ 22:43

As they photograph the streets of the US, Google catches citizens at their best.  Check out this list of Top Pics on Google Street View.  From sword fights to drug deals – something for everyone.  So go cruising in your new SUV and see if you see what Google Maps saw.  Need a new SUV?  Here is a list of the Best & Top Ranked SUV's as tested by several sources.  4-Wheel drive in the city is always a good option.  Please don't run over the guy in the picture.

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