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Sep 27 2012

Playboy's Top 10 College Party Schools

The folks at Playboy and Princeton Review have different qualifiers for partying.  Take at the difference according to Playboy's list. At these schools, many would guess that it might take 5 or 6 years with being known as a Top 10 College party school. The team at Playboy has compiled their annual list of all things college and used such important factors as access to adult beverages. Here are the Top 10 colleges that party hard every day of the week:

1.     University of Virginia

2.     University of Southern California

3.     University of Florida

4.     University of Texas

5.     University of Wisconsin

6.     University of Georgia

7.     Vanderbilt

8.     Tulane

9.     Texas Christian

10.         Ohio State

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Sep 23 2012

Top 10 College Party Schools 2012

Category: Best List | Best of | new list | top 10 listsThe List Ninja @ 00:07

College is known as the best 4 years of your life. At these schools, many would guess that it might take 5 or 6 years with being known as a Top 10 College party school.  The team at Princeton Review has compiled their annual list of all things college and used such important factors as access to adult beverages.  Here are the Top 10 colleges that party hard every day of the week:

1.     West Virginia University

2.     University of Iowa

3.     Ohio University

4.     University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne

5.     University of Georgia

6.     University of Florida

7.     UC – Santa Barbara

8.     Florida State University

9.     Miami University

10.   Syracuse University

Last Place: Brigham Young University – Surprise!

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Jan 3 2012

Top 10 Drunkest Cities in USA

 Happy New Year! Did you drink a little too much to bring in the new year?

If you live in one of these Top 10 Drinking Cities then you probably were moving a little slow on New Year’s Day.  The team at The Daily Beast put together the most drunken cities list by taking into account statistics like average number of drinks per month, population over 21 years old, binge drinking and heavy drinking.  So grab a cold one and see if your city made this Top 10 List.

1.     Boston, MA – (Avg. Monthly Drinks per Person: 15.5)

2.     Springfield, MA

3.     Milwaukee, WI

4.     Reno, NV

5.     San Antonio, TX

6.     Chicago, IL

7.     Austin, TX

8.     St. Louis, MO

9.     San Diego, CA

10.       Tuscon, AZ



Check out the Top 25 list at Daily Beast to see more.  

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Jan 1 2011

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

Category: Best List | Best of | new list | triviaThe List Ninja @ 17:21

Are you thinking about how to kick start your new year with a few resolutions?  According to several surveys and even a government website, we have compiled a list of the most popular New Year’s resolutions for you to consider. Whether you want to take a life changing trip or are going to exercise your way to great abs, the best way to achieve a goal is to make it specific and measurable and then tell all your friends.  Peer pressure is also good for support of your New Year’s resolutions.

Here are the most popular New Year’s resolutions:

·        Lose Weight

·        Quit Smoking

·        Drink less alcohol

·        Get a better education

·        Find a better job

·        Reduce and manage debt

·        Save more money

·        Take a vacation or trip

·        Volunteer to help others

·        Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Many of our New Year’s resolutions fall into one of these categories.  What will be your primary New Year’s resolution?


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Nov 28 2010

Top 10 List of Tips for having a Great Holiday Party

Category: Best List | Best of | facts | new list | top 10 listsThe List Ninja @ 18:30

Are you going to host a most excellent holiday party?  A little planning can go a long way.  While others are out shopping for the top tech gifts, you can save a little time and aggravation with this list of Top 10 tips for throwing a great party that will always be remembered:

·        Start the party with an empty dishwasher

·        Separate couples at a seated dinner

·        Have a music playlist ready to start when the first guest arrives

·        Keep appetizers to one bite, it helps conversation

·        Set up a self serve bar with recipes for top drinks available

·        Don’t wait for late guests, focus on those that have arrived

·        Never run out of ice

·        Don’t be in a rush to clean up the table completely, it signals the end of the party

·        Allow guests to help with touches, it makes for great icebreakers

·        Serve a great desert – It will leave a lasting impression

All of these may or may not apply to your party but most of all remember to have fun at your own party.  Do you have your own go to tip?  Share it in the comments below:

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Sep 10 2010

Top 10 Party Hotels around the World

Category: Best List | Best of | new list | top 10 listsThe List Ninja @ 17:41

Looking to a trip and want to have a great time at a swanky hotel? Start with this list of the Top 10 Party Hotel’s and go have a great time in some of the world’s most fun spots like Las Vegas or New York City.  This list was put together by Shermans Travel for us to debate.  Do you have a favorite Top 10 Party Hotel to add to this list?

1. ARIA Resort & Casino – Las Vegas

2. Buddha Bar Hotel – London/Paris, Sao Paolo
3. Distrito Capital – Mexico City
4. Fasano – Rio de Janeiro
5. Fontainebleau – Miami Beach
6. Metropolitan London
7. Murano Resort – Paris
8. Ritz-Carlton at L.A. LIVE
9. The Standard New York

10. theWit - Chicago

For more detail on this list- Party Hotels

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Nov 27 2009

Party! – Top 10 Tips for throwing your Holiday Party.

Category: Best of | new list | top 10 listsTy West @ 16:52

Gifts are nice but parties are better.  What do you remember most about the holidays, a gift or the time that (Insert name here) did......  So get ready for your holiday party with Top 10 Tips for Holiday Party and have a lot of fun with very little stress.  My favorite suggestion on this list is to Have Fun. But let’s not forget about the women in our lives that make every holiday special.  Faslist has just posted a list to assist with Top Gifts for the Wife. Happy Holidays!  Let’s get the party started. Get the Camera......

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