Jun 3 2010

5 Things to Know about Roller Coasters

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Are you headed to a theme park this summer to ride the biggest and fastest new roller coasters ever made? So whether you are planning a trip to Disney or Universal Studios here is a list of a few things to know about a few of the best roller coasters of all time. Check out this list:

ü  Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio has 17 roller coasters and introduced many of the first coasters to break heights of 200, 300 and 400 feet

ü  The newest steel roller coasters cost over $20 million to build

ü  The Stratosphere in Las Vegas has a coaster at the top of the building over 1,081 feet above the Las Vegas strip.

ü  The Ring Racer in Nurburg, Germany is projected to approach 135mph when it opens in 2010.

ü  Unfortunately Roller Coasters are responsible for an average of 4.4 deaths per year (Is the roller coaster or the rider?)

So throw your hands in the air and let go for a few minutes and head to the most death defying roller coaster in your area. 

What is your favorite roller coaster?

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Feb 23 2010

Spring Fever? – A list of the Best MLB Ballparks

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Spring Training is getting started.  Time for a little MLB Baseball.  There is nothing better than going to a MLB ballpark and having dog in the spring even if you are not a big baseball fan.  It is just a good time.  Here is a list of the Best MLB Baseball Stadiums so that you can put a few on your calendar:

·         Fenway Park – The oldest and some say the best

·         Yankee Stadium – It may be new but it is impressive

·         Wrigley Field – Nothing beats an afternoon game at Wrigley

·         Angel Stadium – Good Times, Low Cost

Check out the rest of the list of Best Baseball Stadiums and rank your favorites.

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