May 30 2010

5 Things to Remember on Memorial Day

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The observance of Memorial Day is special to almost every family in the United States due to the service of family and friends over the years.  Traced back to the decorating of graves after the Civil War, remember our fallen is essential to keep perspective when we feel that armed conflict is our only solution.  So as many families fire up the grill and gather around the pool, keep in mind that at Arlington National Cemetery, near Washington, DC, the grave of the Unknown Soldier will represent our fallen. Here are a few additional things to know about Memorial Day:

ü  Originally known as Decoration Day and commemorates the men and women that have died while in military service

ü  Credit is given to Waterloo, New York in 1866 for holding the first event recognizing Decoration Day

ü  3pm on the last Monday of May is the designated national moment of remembrance

ü  The Indianapolis 500 has been run every year in conjunction with Memorial Day since 1911

ü  Many Americans view Memorial Day as the unofficial first day of summer

So take a minute to remember those that have served and given their lives to protect our freedom.  God Bless America.

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