Jul 5 2010

Top 5 Kids Movies of the Summer of 2010

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Which of these Summer Blockbuster Movies will you take your kids to see?  The summer brings the big budget animated features with voices provided by big stars like Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.  So grab your wallet and make sure you check out these family friendly movies for the Summer of 2010:

ü  Toy Story 3 – What happens when Andy goes to college?  Buzz & Woody are about to find out.

ü  The Last Airbender – This live adaptation provides a big screen version of a popular Nickelodeon cartoon series. 

ü  Shrek Forever After -  The fourth installment in the Shrek series.

ü  Despicable Me – Steve Carell plays the aspiring super villain

ü  The Karate Kid – Bringing back the franchise that had everyone enrolling in Karate as a kid

Remakes, sequels and new franchises keep the summer rolling. Which one will be your favorite?

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Apr 14 2010

Best iPhone apps for those on the Go

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Are you constantly on the run? You need to have the best information at your fingertips on your iPhone and iTouch.  We have put together a few more of the Best iPhone Apps for you to review and add.  The common belief is that most of the apps will work on an iPad but may be more expensive due to the larger screen and possible functionality. So grab your iPhone and check out these top ranked iPhone apps:

·         Take Me to My Car (Free) – If you constantly park in large garages or malls, this app keeps track of where of you left your car.

·         UrbanDaddy (Free) – If you travel in are looking for a groovy new place to grab happy hour, this is your app.

·         FourSquare (Free) – Share cool new places with your friends by earning points for your rankings.

·         Yelp (Free) – Find the top ranked local places in many different categories.

·         Get Happy ($.99) – Find the best local happy hour and invite your friends to join.

The list of iPhone apps continues to grow but we will continue to search and share the Best & Top Ranked. 

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Apr 8 2010

Top Free iPhone apps for Kids

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Do you ever need a distraction for the young ones for a few minutes and all you have is your iPhone or iTouch? Here are a few of the best iPhone apps for kids to keep them engaged, entertained and maybe even educated. Some of these will make it on the FasList best and   Top Ranked iPhone Apps.  So take a second and download a few of these so that you have them in a pinch.

·         Scribble -  Draw, color, sketch, doodle and shake to erase. Fun

·         Airport Mania: First Flight – Kids control the airport, planes and even pick the movies.

·         The Pool – Touch the screen and make waves in the pool.  Cool Stuff.

·         Checkers – The classic game is available for 1 or 2 players.

·         Push the Button – Every child wants to push the shiny red button, now they get points for being the fastest to push lots of buttons.

·         Pegs – The electronic version of the golf tee game found at Cracker Barrel.

So download these top free kids games and add them to your list of the Best iPhone Apps.

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Nov 8 2009

Game Boy makes the Toy Hall of Fame - So does Ball

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The Nintendo Game Boy made the Toy Hall of Fame.  No Surprise. The big surprise was that ball....yes...ball finally became well enough known to be included. Considering all the sports that revolve around a ball, it should have been the first inductee - right before stick.  To read more about this please go to http://videogames.yahoo.com/events/plugged-in/game-boy-makes-the-toy-hall-of-fame/1371311 .   Faslist has a new list that provides the top kids gifts for 2009 - Take a look and let us know your thoughts:  http://www.faslist.com/Hot-Toys-for-2009

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