Mar 23 2010

Hottest Music Artists of 2010 (so far)

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Need to freshen up your music collection? Here is a list of the hottest new bands on the scene.  Some of the older characters are also sprinkled in the list.  One of the biggest surprises is a group that is a few decades old getting back in the game.  So load up your MP3 player with new songs from this list of the Top Music Albums of 2010 from these artists:

·         Lady Antebellum – This country music trio is one of the hottest new bands

·         Vampire Weekend – Indie rock band out of NYC has a large following

·         Justin Bieber – Started on YouTube and is now a tween sensation

·         Black Eyed  Peas – They have become a hit machine with The E.N.D.

·         Lady GaGa – Her second album “The Fame Monster” cemented her as a pop icon

So check out these artists to keep up with what’s hot in 2010.

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Mar 22 2010

Justin Beiber: 5 reasons why he is so popular

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Not sure who he is? Through the power of YouTube, Justin Beiber has made a name for himself with a few extremely popular video’s.   Mr. Beiber is always one of the hottest topics or trends on the Top Ranked Social Networking Websites. So here are a few things to know about Justin Bieber and his rise to fame:

·         Claims to be self taught to play drums, piano and guitar

·         Mother started posting his video’s on YouTube so that family can view school performances

·         He covered songs by Usher, Chris Brown and Stevie Wonder

·         Justin Beiber and his mom moved to Atlanta, from Canada, to record his album My World

·         He performed at the Christmas in Washington performance at the White House for President Barack Obama

So now you know why this young man is latest craze and considered one of the Hottest YouTube stars of all time. 

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