Nov 12 2009

Top Blogs to Follow - Article from Inc Magazine

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According to the article in Inc magazine, there are more than 130 Million blogs and millions on the way.  I guess FasList is fortunate that you have picked this one to follow.  We have posted a list of top blogs, some are the same, with a few new ones that we plan on checking out also.  Here is the link to the Inc article: Inc - 19 Blogs to follow .  Some of the top blogs are known favorites like Craig Newmark (Craigslist), Mark Cubin (Owner of Dallas Mavericks) and Seth Godin (Writer of business books).  Take a minute and let us know which awesome blogs are missing from the following FasList: Top Technology Blogs . Cheers!

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Nov 11 2009

Traveler's List - Google's List of Free Wi-Fi Airports for the holidays

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For all of the business and holiday travelers – Google is providing Free Wi-Fi at participating airports for the holidays.  Google Inc. announced Tuesday that it would provide free Wi-Fi access in 47 airports across the U.S., including Boston, Houston and Seattle, through Jan. 15. The airports handle about 35 percent of U.S. air travelers, the company said. Travelers who connect to a wireless "hot spot" at one of the airports will see a browser page that gives them the chance to donate to three charities and have the donation matched by Google. “ – From MSNBC / AP     Here is the list of the airports:

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