Feb 4 2010

Best NFL Quarterback Ever - Peyton Manning?

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According to stats – Peyton Manning could be the best ever if he wins another super bowl.  What makes a great quarterback?  Leadership? Passer Rating?  Super Bowl rings?  How many people consider Terry Bradshaw the best ever – He does have 4 super bowl rings. On Super Bowl Sunday, we may be watching two of the best to ever play.  Take moment and Vote for your Best NFL Quarterback Ever – Game on

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Jan 25 2010

Best Super Bowl Games Ever -2010?

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Which was the Best Super Bowl?  Here is a list of the most exciting Super Bowl’s ever.  Some are boring, some are blowouts but here are the Best & Top Ranked Super Bowl Games so far – Stop by and Vote for yours.

  • Super Bowl X - AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers (12–2) defeated the NFC champion Dallas Cowboys (10–4), 21–17.  Steelers receiver Lynn Swann, who caught four passes for a Super Bowl record 161 yards and one touchdown including a diving catch to win the Super Bowl MVP award.
  • Super Bowl XLII – AFC Champion New England Patriots (18-1) entered the game undefeated against the NFC Champion New York Giants ( 14-6).  The most memorable play was Giants quarterback Eli Manning avoiding what looked like a sack, completed a 32-yard pass to wide receiver David Tyree, who made a leaping catch by pinning the ball on his helmet, which put them at New England's 24-yard-line. The Giants go on to win the game.

·         Super Bowl XXIII - The NFC champion San Francisco 49ers (13-6) defeated the AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals (14-5), 20-16. The game is remembered for the 49ers' fourth-quarter game-winning drive. Down 16-13, San Francisco got the ball on their own eight yard line with 3:10 on the clock and marched 92 yards down the field in under three minutes. They then scored the winning touchdown on a Joe Montana pass to John Taylor with just 34 seconds left in the game.

·         Super Bowl XXXVI  - The AFC champion New England Patriots (14–5) win their first Super Bowl by defeating the NFC champion St. Louis Rams (16–3), 20–17, as kicker Adam Vinatieri made a game-winning 48-yard field goal as time expired. The Rams had been 14-point favorites to win the game, making the Patriots' victory one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl history.

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Dec 25 2009

Let’s Eat! And um …. Merry Christmas!

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As we indulge in big meals and desserts during the Holidays, we all know that we have to kick off the new year resolving to eat better and get in shape.  Here is a list of 6 Stealth Health Foods by Men’s Health.  We never knew that Hemp could be good for you in good way.  Check out the explanation.  While you are hanging with the family and getting ready for the BCS bowl games here is a ranking of the best College Football Bowl Games 2009 so that you don’t miss a down.  Did we just see Grandma’s casserole move?

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Dec 20 2009

Top New Year’s Resolutions

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Only a few more days until New Year’s Day and the start of 2010 – Time to think about what your resolutions will be for the New Year.  The most popular range from Get in Shape to Stop Smoking to Getting out of Debt.  Here is an article of the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions and some suggestions on how to make it happen.  Improvement occurs one day at a time.  While you are working on your resolutions, check out the list of Top College Bowl Games of 2009 so that you can catch the best games.  Best of luck with those New Year’s resolutions. 

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Dec 9 2009

Time to go Bowling....Not that Bowling?!

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The BCS College Football Bowl schedule is out and ranked on this list of Top Ranked College Bowl Games by Sports Illustrated. This helps you determine where to spend your time.  How does your school / team rank?  Take a look.  The national championship game between Texas and Alabama will be a great matchup. The Holiday season is filled with many great games.  While you are at it, take a look at our List of Top Ranked Wii Games so that you have the latest to play with your friends and family.  You can always go Bowling on the Wii.

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