Dec 20 2009

How Much?? - List of Most Expensive Cities

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Surprise! New York tops the list with an average home price of $1.1 Million.  Forbes has posted a list of the most expensive cities and NYC, San Francisco & DC top the List of Most Expensive Cities.  Consumers living in New York City will shell out $2.17 for a two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola, but spend just $1.10 in Charlotte, North Carolina.”  So while you are in NYC looking for that deal on a new home, check out our list of Top Things to do in New York so that you have the list and don’t miss a thing.  The big apple awaits. 

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Dec 20 2009

Top New Year’s Resolutions

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Only a few more days until New Year’s Day and the start of 2010 – Time to think about what your resolutions will be for the New Year.  The most popular range from Get in Shape to Stop Smoking to Getting out of Debt.  Here is an article of the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions and some suggestions on how to make it happen.  Improvement occurs one day at a time.  While you are working on your resolutions, check out the list of Top College Bowl Games of 2009 so that you can catch the best games.  Best of luck with those New Year’s resolutions. 

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Dec 18 2009

10 Most Expensive Movies Ever

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Some of the best movies cost the least to make but this list of the 10 Most Expensive Movies to Make does have some very entertaining films ranging from Pirates of the Caribbean at $300 Million to Spider Man 2 that only cost $200 Million to make.   Take a look, it is an interesting list.  Are you a movie buff? Start a blog and share your thoughts.  Here is a list of the Top Free Blog Sites so that you can have your own space to share your thoughts and such.  Blogger & Wordpress are the most popular but Squidoo is a FasList favorite. 

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Dec 16 2009

Free Android (Droid)....Apps

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Want to pump up your new Google Android phone? Here is a list of the Top Free Android Apps.  Who says you have iPhone envy?  Load these Droid apps and life is good.  And if you are still looking for that gift for the Tech Guru in your life, here is a list of Top Ranked Tech Gifts for you review before closing out your Christmas shopping for 2009.

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Dec 16 2009

Free Blackberry ….Apps

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Want to pump up your Blackberry? Here is a list of the Top Free Blackberry Apps.  From Facebook to Google Maps to UberTwitter -Who says you have iPhone envy?  Load these apps and life is good.  We all like Free Stuff so FasList has posted a list of the  Best Free Stuff Websites so that you can gather all kinds of goodies and trinkets.  Some of the sites require you to enroll in this and that so be aware.  Some say “The best things in life are Free” but others say “If it is to good to be true then it probably is” so you be the judge. 

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Dec 15 2009

Last Minute Shopping? This list has the best deals…

Category: Best of | top 10 lists | Web DealsTy West @ 05:04

Here is a list of the Top Websites for Bargain Shopping in order to finish of your Christmas shopping.  From close outs that discount up to 50% or more, many online store are also offering free shipping.  This list of 20 of the Best Website Bargains and Deals will provide you with all the savings you could ever want.  Happy Shopping.  Woot - There it is.

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Dec 13 2009

Top Video Games on Wii, PS3, Xbox & Nintendo DS

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Time is running out to buy the gifts that last at least a few hours - Video Games on the Wii, PlayStation3Xbox and Nintendo DS.  Here are links to the best reviewed games available: Top PS3 Games of 2009   Top Wii Games 2009, Top Nintendo DS Games Top XBox Games 2009.  From Halo 3 and The Beatles Rock Band for the older "kids" to the New Super Mario Brothers with 4 player action there are many new games this year that will be the most popular Christmas gifts of 2009.  The lists are posted and being updated. Game On.

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Dec 11 2009

5 New Facebook Settings you should know about

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Here is a preview of the 5 New Facebook Privacy Settings ranging from being able to found using Google, Yahoo & Bing (reconfirm your settings) to expanded security controls.  So for all of you Facebook users, log in and review your settings to ensure that no knows that you support a Leave it to Beaver TV channel.  Facebook is the leader in social networking websites but just in case you need more, take a look at our list of Top Social Networking Websites – We promise there a few that will new to you. 

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Dec 11 2009

Top 100 Twitter Rankings

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I recently found this list that tracks the Top 100 Twitter Users on Twitterholic. Who knew that MC Hammer could have over a Million followers? Take a look.  In addition, the team over at ReadWriteWeb has put together a nice list of tools listing the Top Twitter Trackers.  There are a few super cool tools to keep the addiction going and focused.  Additional web tools are available at FasList’s new list of the Top Free Web Applications.  Twitter is on the list along with a few sites that you may not have seen.  Free is always good.  Twitter is Free so you to can follow MC Hammer.

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Dec 10 2009

Top Tiger Woods Text Messages - so far

From “quiet and secretively we will always be together” to “send me something very naughty”, here are a few websites that are posting texts that allegedly come from Tiger Woods and his newly famous friends.  Here is a list of places to go: NY Post - Tiger Woods Text Messages, Huffington Post - Tiger Woods Text Messages, and Fox News - Tiger Woods Text Messages.  Some are juvenile and shows how he has a sheltered life.  If these are from Tiger Woods, then the disappointment continues to grow.  To keep up with your favorite male celebrity’s, we encourage you to take a look at our list of Best & Top Ranked Male Celebrity Websites.  Tiger Woods and his text messages have not made the list yet….but

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