Mar 28 2012

Top 10 Best Selling Cars of All Time

 Which car has sold the most units in the history of cars and trucks? There are a few surprises on this Top 10 list.  How many of these vehicles have you owned? There is no surprise that the most highly ranked cars on quality also own a few spots on this list. Check out the Top 10 best selling cars of all time by the team at 24/7:

1.     Toyota Corolla (Over 37 Million)

2.     Ford F-Series (Over 35 Million)

3.     Volkswagen Golf (Over 27 Million)

4.     Volkswagen Beetle (Over 23 Million)

5.     Ford Escort (Over 20 Million)

6.     Honda Civic (Over 18 Million)

7.     Honda Accord (Over 17 Million)

8.     Ford Model T (Over 16 Million)

9.     Volkswagen Passat (Over 15 Million)

10.                        Chevrolet Impala (Over 14 Million)

Read the full article at MSNBC - 24/7

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Nov 5 2010

Top 10 Best Selling Books through October 2010

Category: Best List | Best of | facts | new list | top 10 listsThe List Ninja @ 05:41

Are you looking for the hottest new book to read to keep up with your literate friends?  Here are this past week’s hottest books based on based on sales through Sunday, October 31, 2010.  Some of these would be great selections for your book club. How long will the Dragon Tattoo girl stay in the Top 10?


The Confession



John Grisham,  Doubleday

The wrong man awaits execution in the rape and murder of a high school cheerleader









Glenn Beck, Kevin Balfe,  Threshold Editions

Subtitle: "The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure"









Keith Richards,  Little, Brown

Memoir: The Rolling Stones guitarist tells his colorful life story






The Lost Hero



Rick Riordan,  Disney-Hyperion

After saving Olympus, Percy Jackson and friends have rebuilt Camp Half-Blood for the next generation of demigods; first in Heroes of Olympus series (






The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo



Stieg Larsson,  Vintage

Journalist is hired to investigate the disappearance of an heir to a wealthy family






Barefoot Contessa: How Easy Is That?



Ina Garten,  Clarkson Potter

Subtitle: "Fabulous Recipes & Easy Tips"






Worth Dying For: A Reacher Novel



Lee Child,  Delacorte Press

Jack Reacher gets involved in a decades-old missing child case







The Girl Who Played With Fire



Stieg Larsson,  Vintage

An Eastern European sex-trafficking ring involving prominent Swedes propels this sequel to "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"






The Lost Symbol



Dan Brown,  Anchor

Harvard professor Robert Langdon unravels the mysterious brotherhood of the Masons






Christmas in Cedar Cove: 5-B Poppy Lane



Debbie Macomber,  MIRA

Residents of Poppy Lane reminisce about Christmases past




Which book is your favorite?

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Dec 28 2009

Must See - Top Blu-Ray Movies

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New Blu-Ray Player for Christmas? or trying to decide which movies are worth spending a little extra?  The new Star Trek is excellent and so is UP! - We also like both Transformers Movies and the Dave Mathews & Tim Reynolds "Live at Radio City".  MSNBC & PC Magazine has posted a list of Top Blu-Ray Movies that they think are Must See.  The great thing is that most new Blu-Ray Movies now include a regular DVD, Digital Copy and Blu-Ray all for one price.  Nice – When you know what movies to spring for.  Here are the Top Selling Blu-Ray Movies. 

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